Naiad Class Autonomous Kill Vehicle AKV

The weapon of last resort in space combat, the Naiad class Autonomous Kill Vehicle is designed to intercept and destroy enemy vessels. Though they are often though of as little more than smart missiles, AKVs are extremely capable fighting vessels in their own right. Often they can disable enemy vessels without self-sacrifice due to their formidable armament and single-minded skill.

The Naiad has a relatively higher sustained thrust allowing for high speed intercept and collision. It also has significant armor, a powerful main weapon, point defence lasers, coilguns and 25 kiloton nuclear missiles. The onboard sapient AI has thousands of hours of simulated and real combat experience.

Its 100-ton (SM +6) unstreamlined hull is 60ft long and 13ft diameter.


Front Hull Systems

Central Hull Systems

Rear Hull Systems

It has a dynamic chameleon hull.

TL10, dST/HP 30, Hnd/SR -2/4, HT 12, Move 0.08G/18 mps, LWt 1000, Load 0, SM +6, Occ 0, dDR 40/20/20, M$ 7.93

Trip Time: Earth orbit to Lunar orbit (or L4/L5) = 13 hours.

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