Osiris Class Space Dominance Vehicle SDV-9W

The design of the billion dollar Osiris class Space Dominance Vehicle is influenced by firepower, combat performance and operational efficiency. With the price of Nuclear Pellets at $50K per ton, burning pellets for interplanetary travel is too expensive - it would cost M$ 150 per trip in fuel costs alone. Instead a large magsail is used for interplanetary trips and a high-thrust Nuclear Pulse drive is used only in combat. The use of a magsail gives it system-wide mobility. It is able to go anywhere without worrying about refueling - an important military consideration.

Its 10,000 ton (SM +10) hull is 300ft long and 75 ft in diameter.

Combat Performance

The high thrust fusion pulse drive gives it 0.04G of combat performance for 20 hours.

The main turret weapon provides a deadly 3GJ particle beam.

The ten secondary weapons turrets comprise:


Front Hull Systems

Central Hull Systems

Rear Hull Systems

It has a Dynamic Chameleon hull.

TL10, dST/HP 150, Hnd/SR -4/5, HT 13, Move NP:0.04G/18mps;magsail:0.005G/375mps, LWt 10,000, Load 86.2, SM +10, Occ 62ASV, dDR 0/50/50, M$ 977.1

Trip Time: Earth-Mars median distance (1.8 AU) = 54 days.

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