TL10 Wagner class rotating space station

A typical wheel design orbital space station as run by minor powers or large corporations. It provides a transit station between planetary interface craft and interplanetary craft.

With one fifth of a G spin-gravity in the habitat section some degree of normal working is possible. It has room for up to 400 occupants of which 300 are given over to visiting dignitaries, and transiting passengers. A large open space garden provides food for long term occupancy and a recreation area.

A tertiary battery provides point defence and offence in case of attack. The hangar by holds craft such as work pods and orbital shuttles.





Options: Spin gravity 0.2G


TL 10, dST/HP 150, Hnd/SR NA, HT 13, Move NA, LWt. 10,000 tons, Load 1940 tons, SM 10, Occ 400 SV, dDR 20/20/20, $260M.

Core crew 63: 3 shifts of 21 (off duty staff double as gunners in case of attack) Secondary crew: pilots and crew of subcraft as required

Habitat: Cabins 50, Luxury Cabins 100, Bunkrooms 25, Hibernation Capsules 12, Cells 12, Briefing Rooms 12, Establishments 12, Labs (General) 5, Labs (Physics) 2, Minifacs 4, Offices 8, Sickbays 8 with 4 automeds

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