Interplanetary Spin Liner "Norn"

An economic passenger spin liner with an Earth-Mars travel time of five weeks - to fulfil the role of the Meizi interplanetary liner using 4th edition design rules.

It is built on a 10,000 ton (SM +10) unstreamlined hull, Length 75 yards, Diameter 35 yards.


Front Hull Systems (0.2G spin gravity)

Central Hull Systems

Rear Hull Systems

TL9, dST/HP 150, Hnd/SR -4/5, HT 13, Move 0.015G/151.2mps, Lwt. 10,000, Load 554.6[*1] (Fuel 4500 tons), SM +10, Occ 480ASV, dDR 20/0/0, M$ 408.1

[*1] Including 120 nanostasis passengers.

Trip Time: Earth-Mars (median distance 1.8 AU) = 35 days

Cruising Velocity 0.07 AU/day, Burn Endurance 19 days

Economics: Advance ticket price

Design note: There are no spin pods in the basic G:Spaceships, so a 0.2G spinning hull is presented here.

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