TL9 Emmett class Space Construction Vehicle "Sky Weaver"

These work pods or space construction vehicles are used throughout the space industry to build and repair craft and space stations. With their large external carrying capacity and heavy duty robot arms they can carry large plates and girders into position and easily fix them in place. They also find auxiliary use as short distance tugs and rescue vehicles. A rugged, cheap and popular design with a good safety record.






dST/HP 20, Hnd/SR 0/4, HT 12, Move 1.5G/0.45mps, LWt. 30 tons, Load see below, SM 5, Occ 1 SV, dDR 1/1/1, $0.89M

Load: 0.1 pilot/operator internal, up to 10 tons external in normal operation, considerably more in emergencies.

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