Interplanetary Yacht "Windrider"

A private yacht also suitable as a PC craft, with practically zero running costs.

The age of sail returns. The Windrider rides the solar wind across the solar system. Whether it is a local hop to Islandia at L4 or a trip to Mars the Windrider gets you there in style.

Inside are luxurious accommodations fit for royalty. So rather than take the cramped shuttle to Islandia or suffer the coriolis curse on the Mars spin-liner, why not travel in extreme comfort?

When you can take an Earth-Moon jaunt in under 2 days anytime you like and take an Earth-Mars cruise in seven weeks without having to wait in line for the next liner, you know it makes sense. If you are feeling adventurous, you can even take a trip to Saturn.

Unlike expensive to run rocket craft, the Windrider's running costs are virtually zero. Just power up the magsail and the solar wind does the rest. So if you want the freedom of the solar system, and your own personal tax haven, invest in a Windrider.

Its 100-ton (SM +6) unstreamlined hull is 60ft long and 25ft diameter.


Front Hull Systems

Central Hull Systems

Rear Hull Systems

TL9, dST/HP 30, Hnd/SR -3/4, HT 13, Move 0.006G/375mps, Lwt. 100, Load 5.8, SM +6, Occ 8ASV, dDR 7/7/0, $8.13M

PILOTING/TL9 (Low-Performance Spacecraft)

Windfighter-class Armed variant: replace one habitat by a Major or medium battery and add $0.5M to the cost.

Sample Trip Time:

Operational notes:

The power plant is used to charge up each of the magsail's super-conducting loops in turn.

Final approach to dock with a space station is usually facilitated by a work pod belonging to the station.

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