Transhuman Space for Gurps 4th edition
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Transhuman Space is set in the year 2100, where several technological revolutions or "waves" have transformed the world to something quite different from today.

Utilities to take the burden out of space mechanics

Transhuman Pace (PowerPoint) an introduction presented as a survival guide to the rapid change of the 21st century

Interplanetary Travel Time Calculator - How long does it take a craft to travel from Earth to Mars or beyond?

Lunar orbit and the Lagrange points - a graphical overview - requires SVG enabled browser such as Firefox

Areon News - news items in the style of the discontinued Teralogos News

- Murder on the Areon Express

- Rumours of a solar sail materials breakthrough causes ripples amongst fusion drive manufacturers

- Multiple news clips from an online game

Scribblings - reference material & speculative writings on the setting

Titanic Opportunity Come and work in the US Titan Territory and make your fortune

SAI Backups and Restores - a look at the implications. Thoughts on when and how backups and restores are allowed for electronic citizens

The voyage of the Michael Collins - a historical perspective. Speculation on the significance of the escape of the Ares conspirators

Terabyte Bandwidth to every home? - a justification of available bandwidth in the setting (if one is needed)

Deck Plans

Meizi and Vulcan Spin Pods Basic and luxury accomodation deck plans and commentary

4th Edition Spacecraft

Designed using Gurps:Spaceships for 4th edition campaigns. From work pods, to small traders to huge space stations. Spacecraft that PCs are likely to use, own, encounter or visit.

3rd Edition Spacecraft

Prices & Travel Times of Space Travel Just how much is a bottle of French Champagne on Mars?

Water Craft to add detail to your game

Water craft and submarines that PCs are likely to use, own, encounter or visit on Earth, Mars, Europa or Titan.

Links to other Transhuman Space related sites

Dangerous Ideas - over 100 ideas from diverse sources that should make you think about the future, many of which fit right in with the Transhuman Space setting. Need a new Toxic meme or NPC with a weird mindset? Just use one of these.

Teralogos News Your weekly news source from the year 2100. Now discontinued but the archived articles are still available.

David Pulver Prolific game designer, author and line editor of Transhuman Space

Evil Dr Ganymede Constantine Thomas' site - co author of Transhuman Space: Under Pressure and real life planetary scientist

Nelson Cunnington's infamous spacecraft charts, maps and vignettes

Nemtos' Lair Spacecraft designs and quality artwork

Orions Arm Posthuman roleplaying in a hard science setting

There are also Transhuman Space discussion groups on Yahoo (free) and Steve Jackson Games Forums

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