Atmospheric capable lander "Well Diver"

Landers are designed to deorbit, enter atmosphere and land on a runway. They are also used as small and efficient landers by the military on any world with an atmosphere (Earth, Mars, Titan) and a suitable runway. Typically designed to do a minimal deorbit thrust followed by re-entry and glide-path landing they are cheap and practical with no frills. They are presented here as a descent only craft. To get back to orbit they must be strapped to an orbital booster rocket.

Design: 27ft Streamlined Delta (1.26 spaces, Foamed Alloy, Light frame); cDr/cPF 0.2/1F 0.2/1S 0.2/1B (Foamed Alloy armor).

Modules: Old Unmanned bridge, no sensors (rely on external data feeds), 0.1 KO Drive, 0.1 Light Tank, 1 seat module (16 seats)

Statistics: LMass 5.6, CMass 4.9, Dry Mass 4.2, EMass 4.2, Payload mass 0, Fuel Mass 1.4, Cost M$ 0.28 cHP 5, Size Modifier [hull] 4, Maintenance 2.5 hours per day

Performance: Average sAccel 6 G, Burn Endurance 0.005 hours (18 seconds), Burn Points 12, Realistic DeltaV (with turnover) 0.33 mps

Fuel: $ 500

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