Long Range Lifeboat "Attainable Dream"

A lifeboat for deep space craft has a tough set of design criteria:

Costing under a million Euros the 'Dream' series of lifeboats are built into a small cylinder hull 25x12.5 ft. A tiny Nuclear Pulse drive and small fuel tank provides the Delta-V required. The rest of the craft (2000 cubic feet) is for passenger use. In the base configuration this is four bunkrooms, though other configurations are available (see below).

Typically the lifeboat bunkrooms are used as crew or passenger quarters for the main craft; with two or three bunks in each cabin folded out of sight.

These small craft also bring interplanetary travel into the affordable range of moderately wealthy individuals and small criminal organisations.

The design shown is the standard build with minimal sensors and 4 bunk rooms - carrying up to 16 passengers in cramped conditions.

Other variants are available which replace the bunkrooms with other features such as:

Larger craft are also available with higher passenger capacities, though multiple smaller craft are considered better from a safety point of view.

Design: 25ft x12.5ft Cylinder (6.25 spaces, Carbon Composite, Light frame, Smart); cDr/cPF 1/1F 1/1S 1/1B (Carbon Composite armor); Hull Radiators: 0.1 ksf.

Modules: Old Unmanned controls, minimal sensors, 0.25 Nuclear Pulse Drive, 1.4 Fuel Tank (Nuclear Pellets), Small entry module, 4 bunk rooms.

Stats: LMass 35.9, CMass 27.5, Dry Mass 19.1, EMass 17.5, Payload mass 1.6, Fuel Mass 16.8, Cost M$ 0.83 cHP 10, Size Modifier [hull] 4, [radiators] 0, Maintenance 2.2 hours per day

Performance: Average sAccel 0.037 G, Loaded sAccel 0.028 G, Dry sAccel 0.052 G, Empty sAccel 0.057 G, Burn Endurance 140 hours, Burn Points 18325, Realistic DeltaV (with turnover) 56.7 mps

Trip Data: Trip Distance 2 AU, Duration 38 days, Costs: Fuel M$ 0.0084

Note: Large sensors are omitted from the base design as they are a major expense on a single use craft. Very cheap minimal sensors are assumed to be built into the craft. Navigation by radio beacons is the standard operating mode.

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