Hypersonic Ramjet TAV "Majoor"

A budget version of the Molniya, with the same payload but built to less demanding design specifications and a longer flight time. It takes three times as long to go halfway around the world in this craft - a massive 4.5 hours ;-) The Majoor only has the endurance for a single 12,000 mile flight and must refuel and recharge its batteries between flights.

Design: 112 ft Streamlined Delta (90 spaces, Carbon Composite, Light frame, smart, responsive, lifting body); cDr/cPF 0.2/1 FSB (Carbon Composite armor);

Modules: Old Basic Bridge, Small Fixed Radar [F] (250 miles), 1.8 Compact Turbo-Scramjet, 13 tanks (light, jet fuel), 20 passenger seats; small entry module; 2 large entry modules; 0.15 battery (6 hours); 50 cargo (250 tons).

Statistics: LMass 517, CMass 447, Dry Mass 377, EMass 95, Payload mass 282, Fuel Mass 140.4, Cost M$ 15.9, cHP 75, Size Modifier [hull] 8/5, Maintenance interval 10.02 hours (9.6 hours per day)

Performance: Airspeed 2785 mph, Fuel Endurance 4 hours 48 minutes. Take off stall speed 195 mph, Max Ground Speed 200 mph.

Payload: Crew 8, Seated Passengers 316, Cargo 250 tons, Jet Fuel M$ 0.13

Economics: with 90% utilisation the minimum passenger ticket cost is $135 and minimum per ton cargo cost is $355 for a 12,000 mile journey.

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