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Orbital Fireworks

Flights to and from Earth have been suspended after a Russian satellite in low-earth-orbit exploded. Initial reports suggest that the explosion produced tens of thousands of tiny fragments and several craft have reported minor damage. Vacuum cleaner crews are currently working to clear up the resultant debris and are playing down speculation of a runaway cascade.

The authorities are appealing for other craft not to fire on debris that does not pose an immediate danger so that the clean up can be properly coordinated and particles are not deflected into unknown orbits. There is certainly an impressive fireworks display going on in LEO right now.

The high number of fragments have led many to suspect that the event was caused by either a malfunctioning weapon or an act of sabotage. Predictably messages have circulated on the free web claiming that the terrorist group Negative Growth is responsible. Updates as they happen.

Lottery Election Winner Draws International Attention

Another day, another lottery election candidate. But this one is getting some serious attention. The election of a Bioroid to the EU parliament is causing ripples around the world.

And Finally

The third annual retro-programming convention is taking place right now in Bangalore, India, the traditional centre of third wave programming. The event looks back fondly to the time when financial, safety critical and military applications were written without the aid of an AI!

Nations fall out

The relationship between Russia and the European Union which has been strained over the detonation of an orbital weapon near an EU space station, apparently broke down completely today. Russia has claimed that this was a terrorist act, and is doing all it can to seek out those responsible. The EU apparently aren't convinced.

The EU issued the following statement: Russia has failed to provide either the evidence or the assurances that the EU sought in relationship to Saturdays events. If Russia wants to continue to have the cooperation of the EU in its space-faring activities then full cooperation and disclosure must be forthcoming immediately.

Bioroid rights top the political agenda

In the EU, USA, China and even on Mars there have been mass petitions, demonstrations and even the odd riot this week. All advocating Bioroid and other sapient rights. The election of a Bioroid to the EU parliament has certainly stirred things up on the political front. Opposition groups have been relatively muted, almost certainly due to the double assassination attempt on Jade Jones. Even the extremists seem reluctant to be associated with terrorism, even if only by loose association.

Diplomatic rift deepens

The diplomatic rift between EU and Russia deepened today when the EU demanded that Russia reveal the nature of all its orbital assets. The EU also asked for details about the security protocols in place to ensure that a repeat of last weeks incident could not recur.

The EU president in a public statement said "Whether or not Russia is responsible for last Saturday's incident, they are responsible for the safe keeping of their orbital assets. They must ensure they are not used to endanger our safety, or we will take the necessary steps to ensure it ourselves".

And Finally...

There have been several low-level incidents on Mars where masked citizens have disrupted communications or vandalised vehicles belonging to the US government. So far all incidents have been casualty free. A group calling themselves "Superheroes for a Free Mars" have claimed responsibility. The incidents seem to be spreading as other independence groups around the planet adopt the meme.

Second attack on EU representative brings severe warning from EU government

The EU's latest cyberdemocratically elected representative Jade Jones has been the subject of a second attack in two weeks. Ms Jones gave a stirring inaugural speech at the Islandia Amphitheatre before relaxing on the beach. There she was attacked by our very own Octosap 'Sani' apparently under the control of a puppet-implant. Rapid intervention by the IEF saved the day, which unfortunately resulted in the death of Sani, though a fragment mind emulation was recovered. Ms Jones has fully recovered from her ordeal.

An EU spokes-sapient issued a stern warning "The EU shall use whatever measures necessary to defend itself from anyone who attacks or attempts to undermine the EU government and the democratic process upon which it is built".

Islandia and EU in joint military exercises

Islandia's fleet of AKVs are currently taking part in joint operations with the EU in an exercise simulating an attack on L4 targets including Vosper-Babbage and Islandia. Two EU SDVs Balmung and Respite and dozens of AKVs are expected to take part. Shipping is being steered around the area of operations and space debris is being removed, leading to speculation that the exercise will involve defence against a high speed kinetic attack run by 'enemy' AKVs travelling at several miles-per-second.

Russia and EU make up

Russia, in an apparent act of appeasement to the EU, deorbited 15 satellites on Saturday. They all broke up in the upper atmosphere, providing an impressive fireworks display, but posing no risk to ground based installations. Initial indications are that the EU and Russia now have better relations than ever. Speculation of behind the scenes politicking continue, but no obvious reason has emerged.

And Finally...

Notable Islandia citizen and memetics professor Halia [vtag:SAI] has founded Halia Memorials. Using AI & memetic techniques Halia claims to be able to 'capture the essence' of living or departed loved ones and construct the most realistic Eidolons available. Certainly the results we have experienced have been impressive.

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