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Murder on the Areon Express

In what appears to be an act of religious terrorism gengineer Sonali Tow was murdered by a nanobug aboard the interplanetary express liner Meiping. The nanobug apparently struck seconds after the craft finished its acceleration burn and injected Sonali with a powerful neuro-toxin.

Sonali had just completed a doctorate in gengineering at New Delhi University and was on her way to join her employer, the Xiao Chu corporation, at their New Shanghai headquarters on Mars. Her thesis, subtitled "Slaying the third demon of aging", gave valuable new insights into life extension genetics and she was considered to have a bright future.

The murder comes after a concerted campaign by Amortalists to dissuade scientists from working in life extension genetics. It appears that extremists elements may have taken their "dissuasion" to a new level. Sergio Santana, an amortalist extremist and the solar system's tenth most wanted criminal, is suspected of involvement.

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