Work Pod "Leaf Carrier"

Work pods are a common sight flitting about the outsides of spacecraft and space stations making repairs, making observations and fitting new surface features. Operated by telepresence or AI they do both routine and dangerous work. They come in a variety of sizes with a variety of manipulators but the most common is the small and ubiquitous two armed pod.

Design: 9ft Sphere (0.729 spaces, Foamed Alloy, Extra Heavy frame); cDr/cPF 1/1F 1/1S 1/1B (Foamed Alloy armor)

Modules: Old Unmanned bridge, cameras, 0.1 KO Rocket Drive, 0.05 light fuel tank, 2 small robot arms, tiny battery.

Statistics: LMass 6.9, CMass 6.6, Dry Mass 6.2, EMass 6.2, Fuel Mass 0.7, Cost M$ 0.45, cHP 18, Size Modifier [hull] 2, Maintenance 3.2 hours per day

Performance: Average sAccel 5.9 G*, Loaded sAccel 4.8 G, Dry sAccel 5.3 G, Empty sAccel 5.3 G, Burn Endurance 7 seconds, Burn Points 3, Realistic DeltaV (with turnover) 0.13 mps

Costs: Fuel $ 250

*Note that the drive is designed for very small bursts of thrust and the headline acceleration is never achieved.

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