Nanostasis Transport "Siesta"

Come to the US Titan Territory

This unassuming looking cylindrical craft is designed to transport up to five hundred workers in Nanostasis and minimal luggage between the inner system and the Titan colonies. Designed for low cost high speed transfers to the Deep Beyond it does exactly that. Using the latest long-endurance, low burn fusion drive it makes a typical journey from Earth to Titan in 127 days. All passengers travel in Nanostasis.

Its hull uses the latest 'smart' hull technology to minimise maintenance and increase reliability. With a living crew of four and numerous maintenance bots most aspects of the ship are totally automated. The humans are there purely in a supervisory mode for added safety. The Nanostasis Pods are continually monitored. There are two surgical bays and spare cabin space in the exceedingly unlikely event that emergency Nanostasis resuscitation is required.

Design: 84ft x 42ft Cylinder (237 spaces, Carbon Composite, Light frame, smart); cDr/cPF 1/1F 1/1S 1/1B (Carbon Composite armor); Hull Radiators: 3 ksf, Fixed Solar Panels 10ksf (provides life support when engine powered down), 0.25 battery (1 hour full backup excluding weapons)

Modules: New Basic Bridge, Medium (500 miles) PESA, Medium (500 miles) Radar, Small (250 miles) Ladar, 6 Fusion Pulse Drive (HI), 114 light fuel tank, Light Laser Tower, 0.28 power pack (5 laser shots), 500 Nanostasis pods, 4 cabin, 50 Cargo Hold (250 tons), Small entry module, 2 large entry modules, 2 surgery, 1 Minifac workshop

Stats: LMass 2188.5, CMass 1504.5, Dry Mass 820.5, EMass 569.6, Payload mass 250.9, Fuel Mass 1368, Cost M$ 33.36, cHP 106, Size Modifier [hull] 7/5, Maintenance interval 6.93 hours (13.9 hours per day)

Performance: Realistic sAccel 0.017 G (Book 0.016 G), Loaded sAccel 0.011 G, Dry sAccel 0.029 G, Empty sAccel 0.042 G, Cruising velocity 12 days per AU (0.082 AU per day), Burn Endurance 475 hours, Burn Points 27,275, Realistic DeltaV (with turnover) 88.3 mps (Book 83.34 mps)

Trip Data: Typical Distance 9.6 AU, Duration 127 days, Costs: Fuel M$ 0.684

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