Deck Plans - Meizi or Vulcan Spin Pods

Standard, Executive and Luxury accommodation decks for the Meizi Express Liner and the Vulcan Factory Space Station

Standard Accommodation Deck

A spin capsule standard accommodation deck showing just how cramped the accommodations are on the original Meizi. There are 22 small cabins around the outside of the hull and 3 large & 3 small cabins in the centre of the hull. A small kitchen diner is the only communal space on the deck.

You can just about fit a fold down single bed and a combined shower/toilet cubicle in a single cabin. Not enough room to swing a catgirl ;-)

There is a cramped circular 3' wide corridor running around the middle of the deck which is about the only place you can do any exercise - a lap is almost exactly 100 ft. A small lift allows movement between decks. A ladder and roof/floor hatches are positioned next to the lift for emergency use

Standard Accommodation Deck

Executive Accommodation Deck

A spin capsule executive accommodation deck. This is a newer design showing business class style decks. It has small cabins similar to the basic accomodation deck, but a communal area similar to the luxury decks. There are 20 cabins around the outside of the hull and a large lounge, diner, kitchen and open area in the centre of the deck. A large lift and spiral staircase allow movement between decks.

Furnishings and decor is light and airy with yellows, blues and greens dominating. Plants are also liberally spread around to soften corners and provide a relaxing atmosphere. Colourful microbot butterflies are sometimes seen fluttering around.

Executive Accommodation Deck

Luxury Accommodation Deck

A spin capsule 'luxury' accommodation deck. The plan shows 12 luxury cabins, and central 'hall' providing lounge, diner, kitchen and open area.

The lounge provides a socialising, relaxing and informal eating area. The diner provides a more formal eating area and is also used for table games and meetings. The kitchen provides open access to hot and cold food and drinks as well as 'dry' laundry facilities. The open area is used for a variety of mainly physical activities such as Tai Chi and Darts. Precise physical activity of any kind is useful for flatlanders to adapt to Mars or Mercury gravity.

Round corners dominate the fittings mainly for safety as even the minor gravity difference between Mars and Mercury or the various decks of the spin capsule mean that bumping into things is quite common. Plants are also strategically placed to cover corners.

Luxury Accommodation Deck

Design notes: by the book a Meizi deck is a 50' diameter circle by 7' 9" high and consists of 12x2 space cabins and 7.25 spaces of hall module. I only allocated 80% of allotted cabin space to the actual cabins to make the communal area larger and more useful so it is actually 11 spaces.

Meizi spin capsules comprise four circular decks 50' in diameter and 7' 9" high, 31.25 spaces per deck.

Vulcan spin capsules consist of 11 accommodation decks plus a full deck exercise facility in the 'basement' and workshops & airlock in the 'attic'.

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