Cargo Spacecraft "Sudbury 4000" USV

Vosper Babbage's Sudbury set the standard for other cargo craft to beat. The basic principles of its design are still valid, but after 28 years of service it was showing its age. Vosper Babbage's architects have taken on board the lessons learnt over the last 3 decades and the improvements in technology as well as the trend in other heavy cargo vehicles. They came up with the Sudbury-4000. So named because it carries 4000 tons of cargo.

With an eye on the replacement market the new Sudbury-4000 uses the same size spaceframe but carries a quarter more cargo and only costs half as much as the original. It uses a low acceleration long duration burn to achieve the same transit time with a much cheaper drive and the elimination of expensive radiator wings. The new craft is also a pure cargo carrier with no passenger cabins in the design allowing for reduced armor and just four crew cabins.

The main selling feature of the craft is the ability to transport cargo profitably at $500 per ton per AU. The ability to undercut the competition is always a strong marketing hook.

Design: 250' x 50' Cylinder Hull (1000 spaces, heavy foamed alloy frame), cDR/cPF 1/1 FSB Foamed Alloy armor (6 inches thick), Hull radiators 9ksf, Liquid crystal skin.

Modules: New basic bridge, Medium Radar, Medium PESA, Small Ladar, 18 Fusion Pulse Drive, 215 fuel tank, 2.5 Mj light laser tower, 4 Cabin (crew), 750 Cargo hold (3750 tons), External Cradle (250 tons), Small entry module, Large entry module, Surgery, Minifac Workshop, Medium robot arm.

Statistics: LMass 8283, CMass 6993, Dry Mass 5703, EMass 1702, Payload mass 4001, Fuel Mass 2580, Cost M$ 45, cHP 1320, Size Modifier [hull] 10/6, Maintenance interval 3 hours (32 hours per day)

Performance: Realistic sAccel 0.01 G, Loaded sAccel 0.0087 G, Dry sAccel 0.013 G, Empty sAccel 0.042 G, Cruising velocity 32 days per AU, Burn Endurance 299 hours, Burn Points 11000, Realistic DeltaV (with turnover) 34 mps

Payload: Crew 4, Internal Cargo 3750 tons, External Cargo 250 tons, Provisions 280 man days, Fuel 2580 tons (M$ 1.29)

Indicative Travel Time: Earth-Mars average (1.8 AU) 66 days, Earth-Mars closest (0.53 AU) 24 days.

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