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Have you got leading edge skills, ambition and drive but feel your career is going nowhere slow? Is your next promotion decades away? Are you looking for a challenge and a step up the wealth ladder?

The U.S. Titan Territory is looking for people just like you!

Get a new future at the new frontier. The titanic wealth flowing from Helium-3 in the Deep Beyond requires the very best personnel to keep it flowing smoothly. We offer challenging positions at unbelievable rates on 2 or 4 year contracts. Talk to our AI at USTitanTerritory.co.ti. You would be surprised at the skills we need.

The frontier life has much to offer. Titan is the new melting pot where all aspects of humanity come together. Exotic AIs, Tennin, Titan adapted para-humans and Bioroids are just some of the folk you will deal with in your day to day life. Many of the latest inventions and new ideas originate here. At Port Minos you can buy almost anything you can imagine.

Sure you have to invest in a space voyage, but you will make that back in your first six months. Not only that, but the trip is a tax deductible business expense and you get to spend it in Nanostasis so you don't age or have any living expenses. Where else can you sleep for four months and the taxman subsidises you?

As we like to say: the distance is truly astronomical but then so is the pay. Don't miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime. Check us out now.

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Total cost typically K$ 38 and travel time 130 days - varies with planetary alignment - cost tax deductible.

Travellers are advised to pre-purchase personal essentials in Earth orbit and freight them to Titan. See travel advisory for more details.

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