Military Space Station "Wagner Station"

This "wheel" design space station is the primary base of the European Union Space Defence Force in Earth orbit. It provides antimatter, fuel and provisions for EU SDVs and other craft as well as providing a strategic vantage point for observing the world below. Over 1000 military, intelligence and support staff are stationed here - from boot camp trainees to veteran marines.

This immense structure was built in Lunar orbit using material provided by EU Lunar assets boosted into orbit by mass drivers. When complete the station was moved to Earth high orbit using the stations own drives. The hull armor is composed of slag - leftovers from Lunar metal extraction processes. The frame is built of high-grade steel - heavy but cheap. The slag armor is so heavy that the station is immune to radiation effects. The station masses 1.3 million tons.

Wagner station is 800 feet in diameter overall with the outer ring being 100 ft in diameter. This outer ring is connected by four 50-foot diameter spokes to a large 150-foot diameter central spherical hub. The central hub can hold several OTVs and other craft in its huge space dock.

The station is spun to provide Mars like gravity (0.4 G) at its outer edge all the way down to zero G in the central command hub. With a farm, a factory, a Plaza and a Vatfac the station can provide a wide range of provisions and a reasonably comfortable habitat. In an emergency the station can be de-spun using the drives installed on the sides of the ring. The station can then be maneuvered slowly using the drive in the central hub.

Bristling with laser weapons, coil guns and six Predators this heavily armoured station is immune to particle weapons and has excellent point defence, though laser or kinetic weapons (e.g. Predators) remain a threat.

Design: 350ft Radius Torus x 50ft cross section radius, 4 spokes 225ft long x 50ft diameter cylinders, Central spherical hub 150ft diameter (41975 spaces, Steel Alloy, Extra Heavy frame); cDr/cPF 12/20000 F, 12/20000 S, 12/20000 B (Slag armor); Hull Radiators: 50 ksf (with redundancy)

Modules: New Command Bridge, 2 x 1000 mile range PESA, 2 x 1000 mile range Radar, 2 x 1000 mile range Ladar, 6 Fusion Pulse Drive (4 on outer ring, 2 in central hub).

2000 heavy fuel tank (Nuclear Pellets), 10 Antimatter bays (1000 grams), 1000 Luxury cabin (quarters), 1000 cargo (5000 tons), 3 small entry module, 3 large entry module, 6 labs, 6 surgery, 6 minifac workshop, 1000 spacedock (500 carried craft), 37.8 Vehicle Bay (6 Predators), 1 Farm, 1 Factory, 1 Plaza, 1 Vatfac, 50 New Fusion Reactor (with redundancy), 1 Battery, 1 Power Pack, 4700 empty space for access and future development.

Weapons: 2 Light Laser towers (top and bottom), 12 Heavy Laser towers (6 top and side, 6 bottom and side), 6 Coilguns (3 top and side, 3 bottom and side), 6 XLMPs, 12 KKMPs.

Statistics: Mass 1.3 million tons, Cost M$ 472, cHP 55,000, Size Modifier [hull] 14, Maintenance 104 hours per day

Performance: Average sAccel 0.000018 G, Burn Endurance 8333 hours, Burn Points 59, Realistic DeltaV (with turnover) 1.7 mps

Payload: Occupants 1-2000, Cargo 5000 tons

Space Dock: room for 500 spaces of craft - typically one or two OTVs, a handful of space transfer shuttles, a dozen tele-operated workpods and a couple of lifeboats.

Costs: Fuel M$ 1012 (full tanks), Antimatter as required - potentially M$ 1,000.

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